Sunday, November 18, 2012

Regular Posts Upcoming

Hello everyone! To anyone new, thank you dearly for checking out a seemingly stagnant blog. I really appreciate every one of you for taking a look at what little observations and recommendations I make.

I plan on uploading to this much more often. I might not always strictly follow the review format I had before. I think part of what kept me from writing to this blog more often (besides writing for school and possible publication at school) is that I was too strict on what I would cover on this blog.

I need to figure out a day that I can commit to so that I can start regularly keeping up this blog. I'll shoot to start regular updates during the holidays and see where I go from there. For now, let me give a brief update of what games I've been finishing off and playing at lately, in between English studies (and one that I plan to finish in the near future):

Folklore: After an eon, I finally finished this one and after the family recently upgraded to widescreen tv realized how much I was missing out on graphics and gameplay-wise. Good lordy lord Folklore is a thing of absolute beauty on an HD screen. The colours are simply luscious and the proportions of all the characters are a lot more plausible now, ha ha.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ending to the storyline, which had quite a splendid twist involving Keats and his connection to Ellen's past. I'm planning on replaying the game to discover all the little details I missed on the first run. I'll probably buy the extra missions on the Playstation store for the hell of it as well.

  The Last Story: If you are an old-school rpg fan like me, please do yourself a favour and buy this game. It's the last game for the WII and despite a few awkward quirks with the WII graphics (which quite honestly, didn't bother me all that much) you'll enjoy this game. The character interactions are fresh and well-developed and put one in mind of classic Final Fantasy favorites, like IV VI and VII. The art is also wonderfully nostalgic and creative. Yurick and Dagran are two of my particular favourites, both in reference to their story and art design. The entire cast is well-rounded however, including a fighting Princess who has taken over Garnet's place as my favourite Princess coming-of-age.

Nier: I finished near back in the summer and found the story similar in tone to Drakengard. I don't know if the storyline was written by the same person, but there were familiar themes of bitter-sweetness and reality versus ideal fantasy. Nier was a refreshing change for a protagonist, a loving and devoted father that fights not just for his village but for his family and friends. Kaine's story will be played through in the future when I get a chance, but for now let me also mention how much I love the supporting cast as I love Nier himself. Kaine's wisecracking with her teammates, specifically Weiss, were priceless and Emil was the sweetest yet also the saddest character of the bunch, next to the truth of who the Shadowlord is. (Spoiler!!! The Shadowlord being the ghost of the "actual" Nier who died in the crisis years ago was hard for me to take. Talk about role-reversal and a brutal shift in perspective! This was of course, very smart writing. The Shadowlord and Nier are both fighting for essentially the same goal, but either could be considered "The Bad Guy." Nier is downright ruthless in his execution of the Shades and when you realize the origin of the Shades and their Shadowlord, it sort of rips you out of the narrative you were following and forces you to look at Nier's world in a different light. Errr, lame pun sort of intended? Forgive me.)

Bayonetta: This is on my "to finish" list for sure. I was extremely close to the end the last time I played it, but school wrenched my attention from it long enough that I have been downgraded to n00b status. However, because of the lovely level select feature, I'm going to just simply replay all the levels until I'm experienced enough (and well-stocked with witchy items/upgrades) to beat the game.

Well, that's it for now. I may update some Creative Uncut art to this entry later. Break up this wall of text and edit.  ETA: Artwork from hdfreewallpapers and Creative Uncut

Let's meet at the next save point!

P.S. I have Tuesdays off this semester, so I'm going to try uploading even mini-posts during those days. I really need to write more regularly. How else am I going to earn my EXP?